Legends and Histories


The Three Great Empires

The Dragon Empire

The first and most powerful empire of man. It existed between 4000 and 2500 B.F. (Before the fall of Galtura).

The Galturan Empire

The second empire of man. It existed between 2500 and 0 B.F.

The Elven Empire

The third empire of man, still in existence. It has existed for over 1000 years. The current year is 1100 A.F.

The Return of the Aether

In approximately 1050 A.F. the Aether (the conduit through which magic flows) slowly began to creep back into the world. Creatures once thought to be myth begin to appear and strange, mystical phenomenon started to occur. Cultures more attuned to the Aether (chief among them, the Galturan) begin to gain more power.

Legends and Histories

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