Character Creation Guidelines


Character Creation Guidelines

This campaign will use the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook and Elemental Evil Player’s Companion for character creation with several notable differences detailed below. Unearthed Arcana and other web resources are not allowed unless cleared with the DM ahead of time.


Characters shall start at level 3.


The following races are not playable in the campaign setting:

  • Aarakocra
  • Dark Elf
  • Dragonborn
  • Genasi
  • Human
  • Tiefling

There are three new playable races unique to this setting: Dreykarii, Galturan and Kaledoran.


Descendants of the dragon knights of the ancient empire.


Tuned to the ways of the aether, these devoted followers of the Golden Emperor are returning from across the Southern Sea.


Horse lords of the eastern plains whose bloodlines are still tainted by the Wild Gods.


There is no alignment in this campaign setting. All creatures are considered unaligned except for those that are aligned by definition (extraplanar beings and most undead will fall in this category).


There is no common tongue. Every one of the eleven realms has there own language. Races not covered by the eleven realms (for example, goblins) each have their own language.


Magic in Galdurik follows a color system similar to Magic the Gathering. I am in the process of mapping the spell list to each color and developing the rules for this system. Please look at the Arcane Lore and Divine Lore for more information.

Divine characters are not granted their powers by the gods. Divine magic works the same way as arcane. You will not lose your powers if you fail to follow the strictures of your faith.

Background Requirements

1. Your character must have had close and continuing contact with the sage Maddias of Lach Morlund in Ivarr at some point in your past. You have been out of contact with him for at least one year.

2. It must include one other player character in it in a significant way.

3. It should contain at least one significant event that only you and the GM know. This does not have to be some terrible secret, just something the rest of the party does not know at campaign start.

4. It should contain at least one event where your character does not know the outcome. For example, you left someone for dead but you never actually saw them die.

Group Template Questions

1. Does the Game Master need our group to be something in particular for his/her plot?


2. In brief, what will our group be when the game starts? and 4. Are the character located in the same place or willing to travel to a common meeting place? If not, how will the characters be brought together for the game?

The campaign will start at Lach Morlund in the southwest portion of the country of Ivarr. You have all been asked to attend the reading of the last will and testament of the Sage Maddias. You all have had some history with this sage.

3. When and how did the characters first meet?

Each of your backstories should include at least one other player character in a significant way.

5. What major events have they shared in their past?

To be detailed by your backstories.

The next five questions are, in my opinion, the most important ones and they cannot be dictated by the GM. Please, as a group, pay close attention to these and provide meaningful answers. I firmly believe that in-character group cohesion is essential to the long form campaign style.

6. On a personal level, what keeps the characters together?

7. What goals are shared by all of the characters?

8. Is there enough moral agreement among the characters to keep them from abhorring each other?

9. Is there any potential conflict between character personalities, goals, or ethics that could become so great the plot will fizzle out or players will be excluded?

10. What plot elements are in the group’s history the Game Master can use in his/her plot?

Character Creation Guidelines

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