Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

We The Unwilling...

Session 7


PCs (Players)

Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Eldrath (Nathan)
Taarna Broodtender (Drew)


Sir Almaric of Morningshore


The Duskwood
the Pyramid of Falthon Falz’jimet
The Shuronii Village
Lach Morlund
Castle Ashbyrne
The Lair of Summaton


Saggal 1st to 2nd


  • Two Water Weirds in the lair of Summamaton


  • Battle axe of Sharpness
  • Two Longswords of Sharpness
  • Eigth potions of water breathing


  • You discover the medusa has tasked the village to excavate a pyramid deep in the woods. A palace from the ancient kingdom of the Vildrik’s.
  • Eldrath uses gaseous form to explore, finds a massive throne room dedicated to a powerful Vildrik king, Falthon Falz’jimet. A great gate, inlaid with adamant and mithril is barred on one end of the hall.
  • Taarna and Astellan unwillingly explore the pyramid while Eldrath and Cal head for the coast to get sea water so Marcellus the alchemist can craft potions of water breathing.

*Taarna and Astellan find the armory and gather three blades of sharpness (the only weapons remaining). They then leave through the gate in the great hall. They come to an underground river. Taarna jumps in. Then Astellan unwillingly jumps in. They are swept by the current deep beneath the Earth. Soon, they run out of air and have to resort to using their potions of gaseous form to survive. After almost an hour they arrive at the sea.

  • Cal and Eldrath reach the coast and climb 500 feet down the cliffs of insanity to gather water. They meet up with Taarna and Astellan and climb back up. You return to the Shuronii village. Marcellus crafts potions for you and you are on your way.
  • You return to Lach Morlund and find that the town has been attacked again. This time by transformed townsfolk as well as transformed members of Taarna’s tribe. They have been changed by the power of Summamaton to something other than human with mottled, amphibian-like skin and bulging pupiless eyes.
  • Almaric the Reeve implores you to save the town. Offering any assistance and you have them craft a diving bell and take a boat to the center of the lake. You dive 800 feet to the bottom and before long you find a small cave entrance.
  • You enter the lair of Summamaton and find a large air filled chamber. As you make your way inside you encounter puddles on the floor that rise up like great snakes and attack you. After fighting them off you prepare yourself to venture deeper into the cave.



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