Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

The Darkness Deepens

Session 8


PCs (Players)

Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Taarna Broodtender (Drew)




Lach Morlund
The Lair of Summaton


Saggal 2nd – 3rd


  • 1 Black Pudding and a Dark Mantle (when the black gate opened)
  • 2 Gibbering Mouthers (at the entrance to the labyrinth)
  • 4 Merrows (two each in two smaller encounters in the underwater labyrinth)
  • 1 Formorian “Super Gollum” (on the island in the Underdark)


  • 2000 GP worth of coinage, gemstones and jewelry
  • Used three potions of water breathing


  • You make your way through the pitch black tunnels of Summamaton’s lair and you come to a massive stone door, perfectly circular, fifteen feet in diameter and covered in elaborate runes and pictograms. In the center of the door is an alcove.
  • Taarna takes the statue you retrieved from the Weeping Isle and places it in the alcove. The door opens like an iris. The gloom beyond the door begins to pour through and you realize that is an acidic ooze, a black pudding. It reaches for you as a creature takes flight from the ceiling above. It is a dark mantle and it swoops down filling the room with supernatural darkness. You destroy them but not without injury.
  • You come to a second door made of stone and you find a glass statue in a black pool nearby. You use it to open the door. The floors, walls and ceiling of the room beyond appears to be made of living flesh. It pulsates as if it had a heart beat. Beyond you see a vision of Summamaton emerging from a pool of water. It speaks to you and begins to laugh. The laughter grows louder and louder until you realize that the walls themselves have grown mouths and are laughing at you. The laughing changes to gibbering as the flesh attacks. You vanquish the gibbrering mouthers but they have strained your mind.
  • You follow the vision of Summamaton into the water filled tunnels. You navigate a maze and are attacked by merrow, the tunnel guardians.
  • You emerge from the tunnels into a small lake in the Underdark. In the center of the lake is an island and on this island is a sleeping Formorian giant. You ambush the giant and manage to kill it before you completely expend all your resources and then you use the island to rest.
  • You disembowel the giant and use its intestines to store air for your journey back through the labyrinth. You emerge into another chamber. This one is filled with statues of ancient gods and and the walls floor and ceiiling are precisely carved with intricate designs. At the far end of this room is another stone door, this one with three alcoves that remind you of the ones you saw in the standing stones in the forest. You place your gifts from the gods in the alcoves and the door opens.
  • You prepare to enter the inner sanctum. In the distance your hear chanting…



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