The Realms of Galdurik


From the Dragon Shore of Dreykar to the Unending Steppes of Kaledorn; from the Heaving Ice of Brosmorn to the Jungle of Thorns in Sulgald, the realms of Galdurik are vast and ancient. Great empires have risen and crumbled into dust. The realms are divided amongst eleven great nations in the dying dies of the almighty elven empire of Eluron.



The empire of the high elves. Patterned after Rome in the time of the caesars and feudal Japan.


The woodland realm of the scarred elves. Patterned after the Night Elves of Warcraft and Celts.


Once firmly held by the Dreykarii, Ivarr was conquered 200 years ago by the Eluronians. Since that time they have become their own country and share many of the traits of Dreykar and Eluron. Patterned after medieval France during the time of the crusades.


The last hold out of the first empire of men. The Dragon Emperor once ruled all of Galdurik and this empire reigned for thousands of years. Those days are long gone, along with their dragons. This society is a cross of Medieval England and the Targaryens.


The second great empire of man. The Galturans used powerful magic to defeat the Dreykarii and slay their dragons. Their insatiable hunger for magic became unsustainable and they burned out the aether, the conduit through which magic flows and magic has been gone from the world for the last one thousand years. Only in the last few decades has magic began to return to the world. Most of the Galturans died when their empire collapsed but a lucky few escaped to the southern continent. They are now returning, governed by the will of their golden emperor. Their culture was inspired by Byzantine Empire.


The realm of the smallfolk. This is one of the richest and most powerful nations in Galdurik. It is a merchant powerhouse patterned after early renaissance Italy and imperial Spain.


The wild realm of the stone dwarves. Patterned after the early Germanic tribes.


The mountainous realm of the iron dwarves. These are your traditional Tolkien dwarves. They are technologically advanced isolationists.


The frozen realm of the orcs. Their culture has much in common with the stone dwarves. They form large tribes and spend most of their time warring amongst themselves.


The blood of Direhelm flows in their veins. The fabled Woedland giants. Patterned after the vikings.


They are ruled by the will of the Wild Gods. Excellent horsemen and seafarers. Think of them as a cross between Rohan and the Iron Islanders with a touch of lycanthopy.

The Realms of Galdurik

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