Divine Lore


The religious views of Galdurik are many and varied. it would be impossible to list them all and the countless variations within each. Below are the major religions of the realms.


The Dreykarii worship dragons. In ancient times, the Dreykarii rode dragons and built the largest empire the world had ever seen. The Galturans used powerful magic to overthrow them. The Dreykarii have been in decline ever since, there last hold out of the old ways is on Dreykar. Their prophecies state that the dragon kings will return from across the western sea and reclaim their empire.

The Wild Gods

Worshiped by the elves of Shuronil, who ritualistically scar themselves in the name of these gods. They venerate nature spirits, the chief of which is the father of the forest, thought to be the origin of the All-father.

The All-Father

This is the primary religion of the the elven empire of Eluron and Ivarrians. It is also followed by many in Dreykar, Hullen and Terradel. It is a monotheistic religion.

The Triad

A relatively new faith that took hold after the fall of ancient Galturik. It has taken hold in Ivarr and is spreading to Terradel and Dreykar. It worships the All-Father and his twin children. The twins of the All Father is considered a heretical belief by the priests of the All Father. It is said he sent his twins to the world to protect his loyal from the ravages in the dark age after the fall of the Galturan Empire.

The Four Fold Path

The ancient religion of the Galturik Empire. Still worshiped by the Kaledorans, it focuses on the four elements and the power of the arcane.

The Golden Emperor

Worshiped by the New Galturan Empire. The Golden Emperor saved them a millennium ago during the fall. He resides in his golden palace exerting his will. No one but his paladins hve seen him in hundreds of years. He has urged the Galturans to retake their ancestral lands. Even now they seek to rebuild their empire, making war on Kaledorn and Eluron.


This is a pantheon of gods from the giant haunted Woedlands. Direhelm is the leader of the pantheon. The stone dwarves also venerate Direhelm and his children.

The Iron God

The Iron God of the dwarves of Baerkrigg. His priests know many secrets of technology, including firearms.

Orc Ancestors

The tribes of orcs worship their ancestors at shrines dedicated to each family and tribe.

The Traveler

The gnomes worship a mysterious entity called the Traveler that is linked to a comet that returns every 54 years.


The goddess of the sea, worshiped by many smallfolk, particularly on the coast.

The Seekers of Truth

A hermetic order of the new Galturan Empire. They seek knowledge of all kinds and worship magic in a tradition similar to the four fold path.

The Voidborn

A ascetic order that accepts all manner of followers, though it was founded by the elves of Eluron. They seek to return to the void. Similar to seeking enlightenment.

Divine Lore

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