Maddias of Lach Morlund

Sage and eccentric wealthy yeoman from Lach Morlund.


Maddias was born in the kitchen of the palace at Jeminia, the bastard son of the lord chamberlain and a scullery maid. His mother did her best to raise him and though he was poor he managed to learn to read and write by eavesdropping on the tutors who were teaching the royal children. He has an amazingly sharp mind and would often sneak into the palace library when no one was looking.

When he was 10, he fell gravely ill after being bitten by a rat and lost his right hand and his hearing in one ear. The rat was a giant creature and some foul magic had willed it to attack the prince. He saved the prince’s life.

He became friends with the prince shortly thereafter. Maddias became quite wealthy in the service of the prince and devoted his time to learning and other scholarly pursuits. He eventually took a wife, a scullery maid from the palace and his lifelong friend, Moira. Maddias and Moira moved to Lach Morlund and purchased a large estate there. Moira died of a strange wasting disease shortly after they arrived. Maddias, suspicious of something foul at work, and driven half mad with grief, began seeking dark knowledge.

He learned many others in the town had suffered similar fates over the long years, all young, beautiful women. He learned of the legend of the Life Drinker. In times long past he was a great lord, now he is a foul creature, the scourge of life and beauty, a dread wraith. By day, this wraith rests in its barrow on the Weeping Isle in the center of Lach Morlund. He returns by night on his ghostly steed looking for his lost queen. When he can’t find her he grows angry and steals a new bride to come back with him to the pit.

Maddias gathered his house guard and stormed the barrow on Weeping Isle. Using his knowledge of the undead menace they vanquished Life Drinker, though many of his companions died.

Ever since, Maddias has dedicated his life to investigating and eliminating those dark creatures that haunt the night. That is, until his recent death.


Maddias of Lach Morlund

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