Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

The Tomb of the Ancient Kings

Session 2


PCs (Players)

Taarna (Drew)
Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Be-Ter (Jacob)


Sayden Fisk – Fisherman
Sir Almaric of Morningshore – Reeve of Lach Morlund


Lach Morlund
Castle Azulrock
Weeping Isle
The Great Barrow


Midday of Scopris 23rd through early evening.


  • 3 Ghouls in a pit trap at the entrance to the Great Barrow
  • 2 Wights and 2 Spectres in the Great Barrow


  • A scroll containing an elaborate, ancient elvish pictogram, left to Taarna by Maddias
  • An ancient elvish lyre, left to Be-ter by Maddias (restrung by Astellan)


  • Taarna and Be-Ter arrive at Lach Morlund and make their way to Castle Azulrock where they receive the items bequeathed to them by Maddias. Taarna receives a mural of ancient elvish origin and Be-ter an ancient elvish lyre.
  • Taarna and Be-Ter, anxious to follow their companions who have made their way to Weeping Isle earlier in the day, negotiate passage with Sayden, a local fisherman who is braver (and more foolish) than most.
  • Astellan and Cal explore the tomb and as they pass near the entrance see a shadow pass by and then they smell smoke. They rush outside to find their boat in flames. They fight the fire and Cal summons his great strength to capsize the boat to extinguish the blaze.
  • Shortly after, Taarna and Be-Ter arrive and help to recover the badly damaged vessel. It will float but not much more. With night falling in a few hours you hasten on into the tomb.
  • You come to a stone door that looks to have remained unopened for thousands of years. Astellan manages to defeat the lock but when he opens the door a pit trap in the floor is sprung and he and Taarna fall thirty feet into cold, black water. Be-Ter lowers a rope and begins to pull them up.
  • Three corpse eaters rise up from the blackness below and try and drag Astellan down to the depths to be eaten. Taarna and Cal dive in to help fight them off while Be-Ter strains at the rope to pull up the wounded. With the rope secure he unleashes holy fire upon them. With holy might and the grace of the All-father you vanquish these foes.
  • You make your way through the stone door into the Great Barrow. In it are scores of statues of the ancient elven kings that ruled this land during the time of the Wild Gods. Down the center line of the room are two altars, one of black stone, the other of white carved with intricate pictographs in the same style as the mural that Taarna is carrying. There is a recess in each altar that would fit the statues that Astellan possesses.
  • Astellan hastily deciphers that he should place the golden statue in the white altar and does so. He has chosen…wisely. The statue melts and fills in groves in the altar revealing a map. It is a map of Lach Morlund and an X is marked over a location of open water in the Lach.
  • Tempting fate, you insert the stone idol into the black altar. You have chosen…poorly. The guardians of the barrow awaken, two wights descend on Taarna as spectral creatures assault Be-Ter. After fierce fighting you destroy them and are left to ponder your next move.



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