Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

Escape from the Abyss

Session 9


Sound the Warccordion!

PCs (Players)

Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Taarna Broodtender (Drew)
Eldrath (Nathan)


Lach Morlund Guard Captain


Lach Morlund
The Lair of Summaton


Saggal 3rd


  • 2 Kuo-toa sentries (in the entrance to the main hall)
  • 14 Kuo-toa and 1 Kuo-toa Arch Priest (in the main hall)
  • Summamaton the Aboleth (in his lair)


  • Summamaton’s Hoard
    —700 cp
    —12000 sp
    —2800 gp
    —180 pp
    —8 art objects (2000 gp total)
    —Rust Colored Bag of Tricks
    —Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    —Ring of Warmth
    —Sentinel Shield
    —Adamantine Chain Shirt
    —Accordion of the Sewers
    —A piece of Falthon Falz’jimet’s Phylactery
  • 5000 gp from the town of Lach Morlund for returning 50 towns people and slaying Summamaton
  • -2000 gp to pay Stitcher to build an elevator to rescue the victims of Summamaton from the abyss.
  • A second piece of Falthon Falz’jimet’s phylactery (the one that Maddias willed to Cal, found in the Reeve’s secret room).


  • You travel through the tunnels of black, greasy stone following the sound of many voices chanting. Finally you come to the end where green and purple lights glow and flash in the cavernous room beyond. Sentries guard the arched gateway but they are distracted by the ever increasing fervor of the chanting. “Summamaton! Summamaton!” You manage to sneak up and dispatch them before they can sound the alarm.
  • You look into the massive room and see hundreds of kuo-toa chanting and dancing around a central pool. You cannot see the ceiling above. It extends up for hundreds of feet. You are at the bottom of the sacrificial chamber on Weeping Isle! Above them on a balcony you see the many tentacled form of Summamaton. It speaks. “Go forth and bring them to me! The people of the lake town will become my slaves! Go!” With that the hall all but vacates as hundreds of kuo-toa plunge into the hole in the center of the room. Summamaton returns to his lair leaving only a few sentries and an arch priest.
  • You assault the remaining kuo-toa and defeat them despite being heavily out numbered. You explore the chambers surrounding the hall and find fifty towns folk fused with some kind of organic prison like a horror from the boundary. You free them but they are too weak to be of much help.
  • Finally you arrive at the lair of Summamaton. He waits for you in his foul pool, surrounded by one thousand people fused into an organic prison lining the walls. They are his victims spanning thousands of years. The most recent are the townsfolk, including Marcellus’s lost brother and many of the lost members of Taarna’s tribe. In an epic battle you defeat the terrible “God” of Lach Morlund and plunder his treasures, including a necklace it was wearing. A shard of pottery on a mithril chain.
  • His victims are freed but you have no way of getting them back to the surface. Using your last remaining water breathing potions you swim out the hole in the main hall and return to the surface of the Lach.
  • Taarna and Eldrath return to town and hire Stitcher, the dwarven head of the thieves guild, to go to Weeping Isle with his crew and build an elevator to bring everyone to the surface. You learn that the town was attacked by a horde of Kuo-toa and when all seemed lost the enemy suddenly fled in terror. Without Summamaton, the spell was broken.
  • When you all return to town heroes you learn that the reeve has been slain in the fighting. He lies in state in the great hall of strong hold. You visit him to investigate. You detect a faint signature of magic coming from his private quarters.
  • Behind a bookcase in his study you find a small room. You are met with a terrible stench. You see the flesh golem, the creature that murdered Maddias and tracked you in the woods. Near it you find a black robe and a stack of papers with the familiar handwriting of Maddias. On top of the stack of papers you find the source of the magical aura, a shard of pottery on a mithril chain. The shard fits together with the piece possessed by Summamaton. The notes indicate that Maddias discovered the shard while exploring the ruin in the Duskwood. He learned that it is a piece of a phylactery to the ancient lich Falthon Falz’jimet and there are others. He was trying to find the location of the other pieces when he attracted the attention of the reeve who appeared to be in the service of Falthon.
  • You have saved the town from the dread god of the lake but have uncovered a far more powerful threat to the realm. You must track down the other shards of Falthon’s phylactery before his cultists do!



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