Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

The Abyss Stares Back

Session 3


PCs (Players)

Taarna (Drew)
Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Be-Ter (Jacob)
Hrosvir (Charlie)


Jerryl Holt – the cook’s boy
Falkine of Eastingway – seneschal of Castle Azulrock
Nic “Two Blades” Eberict – fence at Two Blades Emporium


Lach Morlund
-Two Blades Emporium
Castle Azulrock
Weeping Isle
The Great Barrow


Scopris 23rd through midday 25th.


  • 1 Helmed Horror in the corridor north of the Great Barrow
  • 1 Flame Skull and 4 Skeletons in the sacrificial chamber


  • 2800 CP, 1500 SP, 60 GP
  • 1 polished silver pitcher
  • 1 onyx pitcher
  • Woeden mask with silver inlay
  • Obsidian dagger from Taarna’s tribe
  • Onyx figurine of a three eyed, tentacled god
  • Suit of ancient half plate (worn by helmed horror, sold to Two Blades for 375 GP)
  • An ancient Dreykarii Slayer’s Axe (traded the Helmed Horror’s longsword for it)
  • Ancient shield (carried by the Helmed Horror)
  • Purchased two daggers with a magical aura from Two Blades Emporium for 4 GP
  • 3 jars of water (5 gallons each)
  • 3 jars of oil (5 gallons each)
  • 3 jars of wine (5 gallons each)
  • 1 jar of black powder (5 gallons)


  • You explored the corridor north of the Great Barrow, Cal setting off or avoiding cross bow bolt traps as you do.
  • You enter a large chamber to the east, pools of black water are arrayed in a grid pattern on the floor, surrounded by intricate sand paintings. This was the divination room, used by the ancient priests to consult with their ancestors. Two of the paintings have been disturbed. Investigating the pools and the sand you barely notice one of the statues in an alcove doesn’t belong. It is an ancient suit of armor that draws its sword as its hollow body begins to glow like hot coals. It rushes to attack. It is a difficult and heavily armored foe but you manage to quench the demon fire. You collect the valuable armor and sword.
  • Depleted, you leave the tomb and make camp outside. That night, as Be-Ter keeps watch, the lake water on the shore nearby begins to froth and boil. A pale, bulbous, alien head breaches the surface. It stares at Be-Ter with its three eyes and says one word “Summamaton”. Be-Ter is overwhelmed by supernatural fear and passes out. He awakens hours later in a daze.
  • You enter a room whose northern and eastern walls are covered in intricate mosaic murals. They show a journey of the ancient kings through the after life. One of the murals matches the scroll possessed by Taarna. Investigating further, Hrosvir discovers a hidden passageway behind it. You follow two pairs of foot prints into the rooms beyond.
  • The hidden passage still contains treasures of the ancient kings. You open the treasure chests and make your way to the end of the passage where you find two pitchers (one black and one silver), a Woeden mask and obsidian dagger. They are from the same tribe as Taarna. Dismayed by what this might mean, Taarna dons the mask. At the end of the passage is an open shaft of near unfathomable depth. As you peer down into it, you see a faint green flame and then hear a terrible scream. Flying out of the depths is a disembodied skull wreathed in unholy fire. Following close behind it are its skeletal entourage.
  • You fight the undead. Taarna, in a fit of rage, jumps out into the abyss and grabs the flame skull plummeting into the depths. when the skull is destroyed, she manages to jump off and cling to the side and climb out. Brutal. You crush the skeletal warriors and scatter their bones.
  • Taarna removes the mask after the fight and notices writing on the inside of it, though she cannot read it. She shows it to the others. It reads:

If you are reading this then I am dead. I hope I went peacefully and that I have had adequate time to prepare all of you for the terrible burden that I am to bestow upon you. But in my heart of hearts I know this isn’t true. You probably do not have much time.

For these long years I have kept a terrible secret. There is a great evil beneath Lach Morlund. An ancient god called Summamaton. Despite my best efforts I have been unable to stop it. I can only delay it. And I have only been able to delay it by turning to evil myself.

It demands a sacrifice. A human sacrifice. Every year, during the fall equinox I find a person whom I deem unworthy of this life and cast them into the pit you see before you. I am weak. I have fought much evil in my life but I have been unable to defeat this foe. I am sorry. For the good of the realm, continue the sacrifice or find a way to stop this horror!

  • Cal searches for the presence of evil in the pit and is overwhelmed by a terrible almost living presence that seems to leech the courage from his very soul. He is overcome and falls to the ground unconscious. While asleep, he is tormented by an alien, three eyed creature that utters a single word, “Summamaton”.
  • Shocked by what you have uncovered, you return to Castle Azulrock. After a night’s rest you continue your investigation into Maddias’s murder. Falkine, Maddias’s seneschal, questions the staff again and you find that there was a witness to the murder after all, though an unreliable one. A simpleton boy, Jerryl, the cook’s assistant.
  • You question him and learn that Maddias was carrying a bound prisoner onto the boat that night when a huge man, easily a head taller than even a Woeden, emerged from the lake and assaulted Maddias. The man reeked of death and killed Maddias easily. It took something from around Maddias’s neck and walked back into the water. The bound man eventually woke up and ran back toward town.
  • You make your way into town to investigate this new person based on the boy’s description. Cal learns of a man named Stitcher from some street urchins. He is the head of one of the thieves guilds and sounds like he might know him. Astellan fences your goods and asks the proprietor, Two Blades Nic if he knows anything about it. He says that Stitcher can usually be found at a bar called the Old Bloat on the north end of Dockside.
  • You make your way The Old Bloat to find Stitcher.



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