Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

Medusa Coup D'etat

Session 6


PCs (Players)

Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Eldrath (Nathan)




The Duskwood
The Standing Stones
The Shuronii Village


Scopris 29th to 31st


  • Miela the medusa and two of her basilisks


  • 5 Potions of Gaseous Form (Granted by the Wild Gods at the Black Standing Stone to Eldrath)
  • Cloak of Bear Strength (Granted by the Wild Gods at the Green Standing Stone to Cal)
  • Ring of Water Walking (Granted by the Wild Gods at the Blue Standing Stone to Astellan)


  • In the predawn light, you awaken one by one to find that the campsite is vacant. Everyone is missing but the camp looks untouched, and all the gear is still present. After some time you discover that you have all been turned invisible. But why? And what caused it?
  • A short time later you hear something crashing through the underbrush, something big. A hooded and cloaked figure, over nine feet tall arrives at the camp. It reeks of death and begins to search around, sniffing and rummaging through your belongings. Eldrath uses has magic to create distant sounds that lure it away. You’re not sure what it was, it was not undead, for it possessed no aura of evil, but the smell and the telltale stitch marks on its hands suggest that it was assembled from corpses and given some mockery of life.
  • Your invisibility dissipates and a Shuronii druid, named Meryl approaches your campsite. She appears young, but elves can be deceptively old, and a ghostly looking barn owl perches on her shoulder. She claims she turned you invisible and that that creature had been tracking you since you entered the forest. She sensed that creature meant you harm but otherwise does not know anything about it.
  • She asks who you are and why you are travelling in the Duskwood. You tell her you are tracking the Shuronii and Marcellus. She saw them pass this way perhaps only a half day ahead of you. She says approaching the Shuronii village will be very dangerous without her help, for her people have become wild and dangerous of late, now that Miela has usurped her power. Meryl suspects that Miela is an evil creature that rules the Shuronii through fear and an iron fist. If you aid Meryl in deposing her, she will help you capture Marcellus.
  • You agree and set off toward the village. You trek for hours until near mid day, you encounter a clearing that contains eight standing stones arranged in a circle, eldritch totems to the Gods of the Wild. Meryl begins to pray, as does Cal. The standing stones each venerate the eight pathways. The Green, the Red, the Blue, the White, the Black, the Grey, the Void and the Aether.
  • You receive gifts from the Wild Gods. To Eldrath, a gift from the black stone, to Cal a gift from green. To Astellan, a gift from blue, though he very nearly angered the gods greatly by attempting to place an idol of Summamaton in an alcove in the blue stone. Meryl stopped him, but it was a close thing.
  • You journey on to the Shuronii village as dusk approaches. You come up with a plan to infiltrate the village disguised as Shuronii that recently left on a hunting trip with Cal and Astellan as captives. You convince the sentries to let you in and bring the prisoners to Miela’s cave fortress. You approach her lair.
  • Her lair is guarded by basilisks, chained to either side of the entrance, their faces hooded, though they snarl as you approach, sensing you with their keen hearing and smell. Entering the lair you find it dimly lit by torchlight as a veiled woman wearing an elaborate head scarf asks who you are and why you approach while a huge basilisk lounges at her right side on the feet of the dais.
  • Wasting no words, Eldrath springs into action, cursing her with blindness. She lurches up from her throne, her veil and head scarf falling to the floor as she does. She is no elf, but a terrible monster of legend, a medusa. Her snakes for hair writhe as she screams in pain and surprise. “Kill them!” she screams, as her basilisks lunge forward. Astellan uses mage hand to keep the basilisk hooded as it charges into Cal Branford who meets the giant beast head on. Astellan nimbly runs up the dais and attacks Miela, stabbing and slashing, his daggers quick as the vipers that bite and tear at him from atop her head. Eldrath fires wicked bolts of black energy at the basilisks and Miela, to devastating effect. Cal wrestles the basilisk, trying to keep its gaze from falling on any of them. Astellan slashes Miela again and again with his daggers, but the terrible poison of the vipers begins to sap his strength. Meryl steps up to heal him as Cal and Eldrath kill the basilisks. Finally, bloody, poisoned and exhausted, Astellan plunges his dagger into Miela one last time and she falls dead. The day is won!
  • Meryl springs into action, reassuring the guards who approach after hearing the battle. She seizes power and is true to her word. She leads you to Marcellus, who is in a crows cage in the center of the village. Shuronii gather around you and cheer at their new found freedom.



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