Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

Mystery on the Lach

Session 1


PCs (Players)

Eldrath (Nathan)
Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Hrosvir (Charlie)


Mab – Greeponi hermit, healer and soothsayer
Marcellus the Mad – Drunk and former alchemist
Ulvan Vowdrey – Proprietor of the Lucky Lantern Inn and Tavern
Sayden Fisk – Fisherman
Brom Bandraddon – Town guardsman
Gedron Duskwood – Proprietor of Duskwood’s Dry Goods
Sir Almaric of Morningshore – Reeve of Lach Morlund
Willem Fuller – Groundskeeper of Castle Azulrock


Lach Morlund
The Duskwood
Greeponi Encampment
Lucky Lantern
Castle Azulrock
Weeping Isle


Evening of Scopris 22nd through mid day the 23rd.


  • 1 Ankheg – in the tunnel into the Life Drinker’s Mausoleum.
  • 4 Skeletons, 4 Zombies and 1 Giant Wolf Spider (reskinned as a poisonous zombie) – in the antechamber
  • Pit Trap, 1 Skeleton and 4 Ogre Zombies (overcome by leading into the pit trap) – in the cells


  • All participants gain inspiration
  • A Disturbing Golden Idol (and a disturbing stone idol)
  • Maddias’s Sail Boat
  • A Shard of the Life Drinker’s Crown


  • Cal, sitting sullen at his campfire, is unaware of the Greeponi wise woman, Mab until she is sitting next to him eating his rations.
  • Eldrath and Hrosvir are travelling with a Greeponi caravan to Lach Morlund. Hrosvir is applying ghost pepper balm to his junk (created by Eldrath) after an encounter with an amorous farmer’s daughter.
  • Astellan notices the caravan during his nightly drug selling and needs to resupply.
  • You all meet and learn that you are there to deal with Maddias’s will. You make your way into town and get rooms at the Lucky Lantern.
  • The next morning you make your way to Maddias’s estate, Castle Azulrock, where you learn more about Maddias’s fate.
  • Sir Almaric of Morningshore reads the will and sees to the distribution of your items. Eldrath’s chest is empty but was supposed to contain a shard of a crown. Hrosvir’s contains a scroll that is a writ of ownership for Maddias’s sail boat, the Zephyr. Astellan is given a disturbing, amphibian-like golden idol. Cal’s chest is also empty but was supposed to contain a pendant.
  • You investigate the missing items and Maddias’s death further. You learn that Maddias died on the night of the equinox and that he routinely told his servants that they were not to go out on that night. They were to remain in their quarters.
  • Willem Fuller the groundskeeper found him the next morning and Jerryl Holt went to fetch Brom. Maddias was badly cut and bruised and his head was turned completely around. He had had a terrible fall down the stone steps.
  • You go to the boat and Eldrath notices a faint spot of blood under one of the benches. The bench had been altered. Prying the front off easily, he finds the missing shard of the crown with one word written in chalk on the planks beneath. “WEEP”. Maddias was up to something the night of his death and you suspect foul play.
  • You sail to Weeping Isle and make your way to the entrance of the mausoleum of the Life Drinker. You wade into the ankle deep, black pool in the entrance, taking caution at what might dwell beneath the water. The creature came from above. An ankheg descends spitting acid and snapping its razor sharp mandibles. You dispatch it and make your way to the stone door entry.
  • Using the shard of the crown as a key you enter the mausoleum. Before you is an antechamber where ancient funeral rites were performed. On an altar is a stone statue, like the golden one Astellan possesses. Around it are arrayed nine mummified human hearts. Cal Branford senses evil here. From off the walls come the ancient undead. Servants of the life drinker attack as you crush and destroy their hearts. They turn to dust as you fight them. As the last one dies your hear it utter a single word, “Sammumaton”.
  • You make your way further in and find a room with a treacherous false floor. You find your way across and here the clanking of chains coming from the hallway beyond. A skeletal jailer is leading four giant undead prisoners in an endless circle around the cells. They see you and attack, but they do not heed the pit. You trick them into plummeting through the floor.
  • You gather your strength and prepare to venture further into the black depths of the crypt.



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