Dreams of the Slumbering Gods

Horror From the Depths

Session 5


PCs (Players)

Astellan (Craig)
Cal (Jon)
Hrosvir (Charlie)
Eldrath (Nathan)
Be-Ter of Aa’ron (Jacob)


Brom Bandraddon
Sir Almaric of Morningshore


Lach Morlund
The Old Goat Tavern

The Duskwood


Scopris 26th through 29th


  • Kuo-toa Rakka (reskinned ogre), Kuo-toa arch-priest, 4 Kuo-toa warriors


  • The Arch-Priest’s scepter (150 gp)
  • Kuo-toan jewelry (500 gp)
  • 2 recovered jars of ancient elvish wine stolen from Stitcher and resold to the Greeponi (600 gp)


  • You run for the docks as the screams of horror and clash of steel grow louder. Before long you burst upon a scene out of nightmare. Terrible monsters, their skin mottled and slimy are climbing out of the water and attacking the town. Many of the creatures are carrying polearms outfitted with wicked hoops of iron. They are snaring their victims and dragging them back into the water. The town guard is fighting back but they are outnumbered and outmatched.
  • A huge beast, easily twice the size of the others smashes a guard to pulp before your very eyes with the broken mast of a ship. Without hesitating, Astellan and Cal Branford charge in to help defend the town. They make devastating attacks against the giant creature and appear to be gaining the upper hand when Cal is struck by a bolt of lightning from the pier. An arch-priest of the dark god Summamaton, his scepter still crackling from the attack, steps forward and summons a swarm of demon visages that swirl around him, killing all they touch.
  • Cal and Astellan fell the giant beast and wade into the kuo-toan warriors, who have recently finished with the town guard. They slay many with blade and maul but the demons of the arch priest are devastating.
  • When all seems lost, Eldrath unleashes wave after wave of destructive energy slaying the arch-priest. With their leader dead and their champion vanquished, the remaining kuo-toa retreat back into the depths. The day is won! But Cal and Astellan lay dying. Be-Ter of Aa’ron and Hrosvir, delayed by that damn chicken vendor, appear and revive Cal and Astellan. As you rest and take stock of the situation, the peasant girl that you left to watch the Old Goat runs up to you and screams that the tavern is ablaze.
  • You return to the The Old Goat Tavern to find that it is almost completely engulfed. Flames are shooting from the roof and smoke billows out from every door and window. Faintly you hear a call for help in Greeponi from a barred cellar window. Three men are trapped down there!
  • You spring into action. Eldrath uses acid spray to melt the bars enough for Astellan to bend them while Cal and Be-Ter run inside. Hrosvir uses mist form to investigate the cellar. In the cellar, he finds three Greeponi present and Marcellus the Mad is missing. Hrosvir uses illusions to conjure the image of a fire demon and interrogates them. They are so afraid that they near the point of epiphany and tell Hrosvir everything. They were sent by Queen Mab as agents of the Seekers of Truth to kidnap Marcellus when they were attacked by Shuronii warriors. The Shurronii had come to retrieve their captured companion and they took Marcellus with them as well. Afterwards they locked the Greeponi in the cellar and set a blaze.
  • Cal manages to get the cellar door open but the ceiling collapses above him forcing him into the cellar as Be-ter dives out of the way. Be-ter sees an opportunity. He steals back the two surviving jars of wine that they sold to Stitcher and heads for the exit.
  • Eldrath and Astellan manage to destroy the bars enough for all to escape and you run for it as the building collapses and Stitcher and his goons are about to arrive. You make you way to the Lucky Lantern and get a room for the night.
  • The next morning you are awakened by the pounding fist of the town guard on your door. “Open up in the name of Sir Almaric!” they shout. “The reeve wishes to see you at once.”
  • You are escorted to the Ashbyrne Castle where the reeve rules in Lord Ashbyrne’s sted while he is away in Dreykar putting down a rebellion. The reeve doesn’t know whether to hang you, jail you or hire you. He received word that you had visited Weeping Isle and that almost immediately afterward their was this terrible attack on the town. Over one hundred townsfolk are missing and twenty town guard slain. You manage to convince him (and rightly so) that you are blameless in this and in fact, you helped to save the town the night before. He decides to hire you. He offers a reward of 100 gp for every towns person recovered and 200 gp for every one of those creatures slain and sends you on your way.
  • You make your way to see Mab. You learn much from her about the region but she is close-mouthed about why she wanted Marcellus or the Seekers of Truth. She tells you that if he was taken by the scarred elves then he must be somewhere further south in the Duskwood and she sends you on your way as the caravan packs up and leaves and she returns to the woods.
  • You make your way into the Duskwood and travel until night falls. Be-
    ter takes watch. One by one you awaken to find your companions are missing.



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